Single Wills – it couldnt be easier

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Single Will

A Single Will can be made by any person regardless of their marital or relationship status. It is simply a document created by an individual laying out their wishes, post-death, of how they would prefer their estate and assets to be distributed.

Single Wills are most suitable for those who are not in a relationship, or even for persons in a relationship who have contrasting wishes about how their assets ought to be distributed following their death.

If you are in a relationship, Married, Civil partners or cohabitees and you do have similar wishes on how your estate is to be divided following death a Mirror Will would be the most suitable option for you.

We are offering full peace of mind from a Will that can be changed whenever and wherever, free of charge for life. Through to a free letter template for your executors explaining your wishes, and templates for who needs to be informed and where you hold important documents like insurances polices etc.