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Single Will

In our online single Will you can detail how you would prefer your estate and assets to be distributed after you pass.

Anyone can make an online Single Will, but they are most common amongst those not in a relationship. They are also common amongst those who have contrasting views to their partner in regards to their estate’s distribution.

We are offering you full peace of mind with a Will that can be changed free of charge, for life. In addition, we also include a variety of free letter templates for your executors and for those who need to be informed.

If you are married, are civil partners or are cohabitants, a Mirror Will would probably be a better option for you. This is especially the case if you do have similar wishes on how your estate is to be divided.

Will Checking Service

If you have used our online Will writing service, you may be interested in our will checking service. For only £25, our legal team can check the details of your Will and advise on it’s validity.


Create a Single Will and change it as many times
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