Single Wills – it couldn’t be easier

Single Wills are for individuals and partners who want to make specific requests
Single Will

A Single Will can be made by any person regardless of their marital or relationship status. It is simply a document created by an individual laying out their wishes, post-death, of how they would prefer their estate and assets to be distributed.

Single Wills are most suitable for those who are not in a relationship, or even for persons in a relationship who have contrasting wishes about how their assets ought to be distributed following their death.

If you are in a relationship, Married, Civil partners or cohabitees and you do have similar wishes on how your estate is to be divided following death a Mirror Will would be the most suitable option for you.

We are offering full peace of mind from a Will that can be changed whenever and wherever, free of charge for life. Through to a free letter template for your executors explaining your wishes, and templates for who needs to be informed and where you hold important documents like insurances polices etc.

Will Checking Service

You may well have taken full advantage of our online Will writing service yet feel for greater peace of mind you would like our legal team to review what you have created. For only £25 our legal team will check the details of your Will and advise on it’s validity or if changes should be made, protecting you and your loved ones in the future.


Create a Single Will and change it as many times
as you like for FREE FOR LIFE


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