Once you have bought a Will

What should you do now?
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Once you have bought a Single or Mirror Wills

Once you have bought your online Will, it needs to be printed off and then signed by you, or both of you at the bottom of each page. Besides, We advise that each Will needs to be witnessed by two individuals to make it legal. They can be your friends, your neighbours or your family members who do not benefit from your Will.


Will Checking: 5 working days

If you purchase our Will checking service, our legal team will automatically review your Will, sending relevant feedback. Regarding amendments, additions, or matters that may need your clarification. Once you have reviewed our feedback and amended where necessary, print off your Will and sign it. Each Will needs to be witnessed by two individuals. They can be your friends, your neighbours or your family members who do not benefit from your Will on the event of your death.

Furthermore, if you require a more complicated option, we can offer you a bespoke Will. Our expert legal team can contact you directly if you need further information.


Will printing service: 3 working days

If you have purchased our Will printing service, it will be processed for printing and dispatched by first class post. You can expect delivery within three working days. The steps are then the same. Check the details, sign and have it witnessed.


Updating your Will

Our unique offering of a Will for life allows you to update your Will free of charge at any time. What you need to remember when updating the details on your online Will, you should reprint and replace the old Will. You must also have it witnessed again and sign it again. Equally important, your old Will should be disposed of to avoid any confusion.


Storing your Will

For security, your Will must be kept in a safe place; this should be a place where your nominated executor can access it. We recommend that you download and print off our free templates. These templates can indicate where you store the location of essential documents, a letter to the executor, informing them who is to be notified upon your death.

You can also use Probate Services who will store the Will for you for a one off fee of £20 –Probate Services



After your purchase

Moreover, Your Will Be Done does not sell or share any of your data with any other company or institution. We may contact you in the future with unique offerings and updates to our services. Should you wish to be removed from this service, please let us know.

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