Mirror Wills – it could not be easier

Couples who wish to make exactly the same requests can try out our online Mirror Will
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Mirror Will

Our online Mirror Will consists of two separate Wills; commonly purchased by couples that share the same or similar wishes.

Since each Will is usually identical, Mirror Wills are more cost efficient than buying a Single Will separately. Mirror Wills are commonly purchased by couples whether they are married, in a civil partnership or unmarried cohabitants. Therefore, each Will must be signed by the opposite party.

In purchasing our online Mirror Will, you can both establish executors who will manage the distribution of your estate after your death. You can also appoint guardians for children and set out who should inherit your estate. Furthermore, you can detail the requirements for your funeral arrangements.

We are offering you full peace of mind with a Will that can be changed free of charge, for life. In addition, we also include a variety of free letter templates for your executors and for those who need to be informed.

Will Checking Service

If you have used our online Will writing service, you may be interested in our will checking service. For only £25, our legal team can check the details of your Will and advise on it’s validity.


Create a Mirror Will and change it as many times
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