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Your Will Be Done is the easiest way to make a legal will. From the moment you first log in, right the way to printing and signing your Will, has been created with you in mind.

It’s intuitive, sophisticated and simple


At Your Will Be Done, we ask the same legal questions a solicitor would ask, and our platform works behind the scenes to build your online Will. Because of our sophisticated AI, you are only ever asked the minimum number of questions required to complete a legal Will for your family, depending on your circumstances. Making the process is simple, quick, and painless.

You can choose that everything you own goes to one person or a group of people. If, on the other hand, you have in mind who gets what, our Assets screen is made just for you. It puts all of the control at your fingertips so that your estate and belongings will go precisely to who you choose. Do you have different parts of your estate that you would like to go to different loved ones? We make it easy for you to leave gifts and legacies to specific people – all in just a few easy clicks.

Even better, every change you make, whether it’s a correction to grammar or choosing a different menu option, is saved instantly to our cloud. So you never have to worry about whether or not you clicked the ‘Save’ button.



You get a legal Will with free updates for life


You can print your Will using a home printer or, for a small fee, pay us to do so and have it delivered to your door. Either way, you can still log in anytime and make changes to it without having to pay again. So if you have more children or you get married, and you need to update your Will, you can do so at no extra cost. Therefore, as your life circumstances change, your Will changes with you.

Many people believe they do not need a Will because they do not have very much. As a result, loved ones may face significant financial problems in addition to their grief. We have made Your Will Be Done as affordable as possible to avoid situations such as this. It costs just £27 for a Single Will and £37 for a Mirror Will and legally protects your loved ones for a whole lifetime. These are one-off payments with no recurring fees or update charges.




Try it for FREE

You can try making a Will with us for free, with your updates being saved to our cloud automatically as you make them. We ask for payment when you are ready to print it for the first time, and you can pay by card or bank transfer through either PayPal or Stripe.


It looks great

Complete your online Will in minutes, see at a glance what changes you need to make, then print your beautifully designed document. We have made Your Will Be Done simple and easy to use.


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