Get 30% off a gift card when purchased with a Single Will or a Mirror Will

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Gift Cards

Purchase Single Will and Mirror Will Gift Cards in our store, either for yourself or someone you know. Each card entitles the owner to make a Single will or a Mirror Will for their whole family. We hope these cards will help take away the stigma of making a will early on. Writing a Will early in life will help you avoid the many legal complications. At a time when your loved ones are grieving.

Each card has a unique single-use code, scratch-off reverse to reveal the code. Allowing you to print your Will any time for free. Not to mention with all of our Wills, it includes uniquely free unlimited changes for life. We are offering you full peace of mind; besides, we also include a variety of free letter templates for your executors and for those who need to be informed.

Online Will Checking Service

Furthermore, once you have used our online Will writing service, you may also be interested in our will checking service. For only £25, our legal team can check the details of your Will together with advising on its validity.


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