Online Mirror Wills – best for couples

Couples who wish to make exactly the same requests can benefit from our online Mirror Will
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Mirror Will

Our online Mirror Will consists of two separate Wills, commonly purchased by couples that share the same wishes.

Since each Will is identical, online Mirror Wills are more cost-effective than buying two Single Wills separately. Your Will Be Done provide Online Mirror Wills that are typically purchased by couples who are married, in a civil partnership or unmarried cohabitants. Therefore, each Will must is be signed by the opposite party.

When purchasing our online Mirror Will, just like a Single Will, you first establish executors – people you trust to manage the distribution of your estate after your death. Next, you can also appoint guardians for children and set out who should inherit your estate. Finally, you can detail any assets you have and who you want them to go to before listing wishess for your funeral arrangements.

Your Will Be Done offer complete peace of mind together with a Will that can be changed free of charge, for life. Besides, we also include a variety of free letter templates tracking your wishes.


About our Wills

Our Wills are 100% legal and compliant with UK law. You can also choose to have your Will reviewed by a Solicitor. All our solicitors are members of the Society of Will Writers. Your Will Be Done is open to everyone in England, Scotland, and Wales, regardless of race, sex or faith. You need to be 18 or over to create your legal online Will! Unbelievably simple to use! Our online software starts by asking a few questions about your circumstances. From there, you answer only those questions that pertain to your individual life, and your Will complete in 5-10 minutes.

The platform is incredibly powerful; YWBD even takes into account complex family situations and legal guardianship to protect your children.

No need to worry about security

Your data is sent securely via 256-bit encryption, the highest level of online protection available today. We value privacy and certainly won’t ever sell your data to anyone.

Online Will Checking Service

Furthermore, once you have used our online Will writing service, you may also be interested in our will checking service. For only £27, our legal team can check the details of your Will together with advising on its validity.


Create an online Mirror Will and change it as many times
as you like for FREE FOR LIFE



Do you need a Single or Mirror Will?

When you try our service, you can examine the Single and Mirror Will features right on the first page, allowing you to make an informed choice. If later on, you decide to change your preference – say for instance, you sign up as a single person but later get married, you can simply switch the option. 

We find that Mirror Wills are best for Couples who want to leave everything to their partner or another nominated person (your son for example) and vice-versa. Some couples have very different preferences when it comes to who gets what and in that circumstance, it’s actually better to have two Single Will’s. Nevertheless, we’re here to support you and help make the right choice for you.