Make sure what you have goes to those you love

Without a will, the law decides who inherits your belongings
Creating a Will

We know there are only three reasons why many of us here in the UK put off making a will – believing we don’t need one, not wanting to write one and not having the money to pay for a good one.

In the United Kingdom, it’s recommended that anyone over the age of 18 makes a will. That’s because, without one, the person’s next of kin (spouse, civil partner or children) needs to apply for a grant of representation and submit to a lengthy process of determining what should happen. Ultimately, the law then has the final say on who inherits the estate, including any belongings. Each year the Treasury takes around £60m from people who died intestate simply because many of us choose to put it off. This money should have gone to families and loved ones. This is not our government’s fault – in fact, £60m is a lot to you and me – but it doesn’t even make a dent in your local council’s bin collection costs. Our government would much prefer you take care of life after death too. They even have departments set up to attempt to find a legal recipient for some of the monies they collect.

Your Will Be Done has been specially created to highlight the importance of having a legal will, making it easy to create and affordable for everyone. It’s the first of it’s kind and we hope in the days ahead we can play a part in reversing the numbers until a majority of UK residents (and their families) are safe and secure from calamity.

We believe everyone over 18 needs a will but the following circumstances make it even more important. Tap the points opposite to read more.


Type your details, decide what you want to happen when you’re gone and print it whenever you want.


Your data is sent securely via 256-bit SSL Encryption, the highest level of protection available today.


Your Will Be Done is open to just about anyone in the UK over 18, regardless of race, sex or faith.


Extra features to ensure that what’s yours now goes specifically to the people you choose.


Try it for free, pay when you want to print it and make free updates to your will for life.


New partner, new children, new address – when your circumstances change, so does your will.

It’s easier than ever to make a legal will and keep it updated for life

No matter how often your circumstances change, you can avoid the time and costs normally involved with keeping your will updated. Whether you have a new partner or are expecting children for the first time, Your Will be Done allows for an unlimited amount of changes. This means you have a will for life and death! As long as you remember to keep your will printed, signed and witnessed then your will remains legally valid.

Powerful and easy-to-use options in Your Will be Done give you total control over choosing what goes to who so you can ensure your loved ones are well taken care of long after you’re gone. If you haven’t experienced it already, try Your Will Be Done today and discover for yourself just how simple it is.