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Your Will, Your Way

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Now the most feature-rich online will writer, Your Will Be Done, allows you to make and keep your Will online for life. It doesn’t matter how many times your circumstances change – new spouse, new house, or more children – come back and make as many changes as you want at no extra cost!

Single or Couple ?

A Single Will is your best bet if you don’t live with a partner or if you’re in a relationship but don’t think your last wishes are going to be the same. For most people in a relationship whose last wishes are the same, a Couples Will is the best choice. Learn more about it first or jump right in (we make it easy to change your mind if you ever need to).

Intuitive features make it easy to protect your loved ones

100% Legal

Our Will’s are 100% legal and compliant with UK law. You can also choose to have your Will reviewed by a Solicitor. All our solicitors are members of the Society of Will Writers.

Options For Everyone

Your Will Be Done is open to everyone in the United Kingdom, regardless of race, sex, or faith. You just need to be 18 or over to create your legal online Will!

Unbelievably Simple

Our online software starts by asking a few questions about your circumstances. From there, you answer only those questions that pertain to your individual life so your Will can be done in 5-10 minutes.

Incredibly Powerful

Now the most powerful online tool for creating a Will, YWBD even takes into account complex family situations and legal guardianship to protect your children.

Pay Once, Change Anytime

Making your Will with Your Will Be Done is free. Pay only when you want to print it and afterward make free updates for life.

Safe and Secure

Your data is sent securely via 256-bit encryption, the highest level of online protection available today. We value privacy and certainly won’t ever sell your data to anyone.

Mobile Friendly

Update your Will by plane, train, or (providing you’re not driving) automobile! We even have an app so you can edit your Will offline if you don’t have access to WiFi.

It Just Keeps Giving

New partner, new children, new address – when your circumstances change, come back, and YWBD will automatically update your Will to reflect your new life.

We Think You’ll Love It!

To know it is to love it! That’s why you can try Your Will Be Done for free because we’re confident you’ll love it. There’s no complicated registration system, just type your full legal name, your e-mail address and a password so you can come back anytime and you’ll have access to the most powerful online Will writer today. When you’re ready to download your Will, it’s £37 or £47, depending on whether you need a Single or Mirror will (we’ll help you choose what’s best for your circumstances).

Why You Seriously Need a Will

A video tells a million words – watch our cute movie below to understand why making a Will is the best way to keep your family safe and protect those you love most in the event something bad happens.

We Make it Easy to Make a Will On Every Platform.

When it comes to making a Will — ever tried doing it on the back of a bus? We’ve made Your Will Be Done so intuitive that you’ll get the same beautiful, rich experience across all your tablets, mobile phones, and laptop wherever you are in the world!

Make Sure What You Have Goes To Who You Love


  • 100% Compliant with UK Law
  • Leave specific items to special people, including cash, property and individual items of sentimental value
  • Leave special instructions to your Executor’s, who will read your Will
  • Optional Solicitor Verification

Success Stories

A legal barrister who regularly recommends us at her practice (thanks, Safeena!)

I now recommend Your Will Be Done to all my clients who don’t already have a Will. While we as a legal firm can provide assistance to those who have an estate worth more than £2 million, the service offered by Your Will Be Done is our first choice for everyone else. We’ve yet to come across a family that wouldn’t benefit what Your Will Be Done has to offer, particularly young families who are so in need of protection in this day and age. Safeena Rafiq

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Recent TrustPilot reviews (thanks, guys!)

Fantastic service, friendly and helpful staff, easy to complete. I would highly recommend this company. (Read on TrustPilot)

Excellent service just what I was looking for and after the legal team reviewed my will, I simply made some adjustments, could not have been easier. (Read on TrustPilot)

Speedy fast and honest service. Can make changes in the future without extra cost. Would use again and recommend. (Read on Trustpilot)

A corporate director who offers YWBD as a benefit to all their employees (thanks, Stephen!)

At under £30 per employee, we rolled out Your Will Be Done to all our staff, which offers exceptional value for money since the service does not charge extra for updates and re-writes.

Everyone loves it and it’s great to give our staff peace of mind about their future by securing financial protection as part of their employment contract with us. Stephen Smith

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