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Fast, easy and very competitive

Heard about this service on Money Saving Expert website. Expected it to be a long, exhaustive experience but it actually turned out to be very simple and easy to use. It was also fantastic value for money. Would definitely recommend.

Ross P. 


Very easy

Very easy to fill in and to follow

Gweneth B. 



This is a fantastic service, especially if your Will is straightforward.

Mark G. 



Very easy to do and worth the money.

Mark W. 


Easy and good value

So easy and free amendments for life. Recommended.

Ralph D. 


Excellent service!

I found this service to be a really simple process. It was very pleased with the results.

Ian B. 


Your Will be done

I wasn’t sure what to expect from an online Will, but I was absolutely blown away with the ease of use and the after-sales service. I will be telling all my family and friends.

Danny C. 


A big thank you

Just wanted to say thanks for a great service. Very simple and easy to understand.

Stan E. 


10 out of 10

Easy, helpful and hassle-free!

Tracy C. 

Simple and Straightforward

The whole process was simple and straightforward. When we did have a question, it was answered promptly and effectively. Great value and so easy to use. Would certainly recommend the service.

Steve E. 


Mirror Wills

Great service and easy to do. Being able to make changes at any time is brilliant. One sensible one-off charge instead of the ridiculous charges made by solicitors and you’re set forever.

Paula J. 


Simple and Slick Process

Easy to use, understand and cost-efficient. The only gripe was having only one additional beneficiary option in event that others are not survived. Otherwise very good and would still recommend for a basic Will.

Chris N. 


Very good

Easy to use website.

Joanne T. 


Easy and understandable

Straightforward to use and perfect result.

Maureen H. 


Easy Will writing

Very easy to do and pleased with results

Teresa R. 


Best thing I have done

This was the easiest way ever to write a mirror will….and the cheapest……no solicitors bill!!! A child could follow the instructions…..will definitely be telling all my friends to do their wills this way!!

Jennifer W. 



Easy to complete. Fast turnaround. Legal checking was great. Loved the copy I received in the post. Great value as I never have to pay again as I can log in and update when needed. Brilliant. Fast reply to emails. Thank you.

Sarah C.