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Your Will Be Done is the easiest way to write a legal will. From the moment you first log in to printing and signing your final will, everything is designed to be easy and intuitive.

Your Will Be Done is the easiest way to protect your family and loved ones, securing their inheritance long after you’re gone. It’s a new and innovative way of making a legal will here in the United Kingdom. The majority of people put off making a will in the UK until it’s too late, leaving their family to bear financial confusion in addition to grief. That’s why we’ve built the simplest possible way to make a will you could ever imagine.

It’s a will for life.

Even when you’ve printed your will, you can still go back any time and make changes to it without having to pay again. So if you have more children or you get married and you want to update your will, you can do so as many times as you want. As your life circumstances change, your will changes with you.

Your Will Be Done asks the same questions a solicitor would ask, such as your name and date of birth then builds your will for you. It includes important and powerful features, such as making sure that everything you own goes only to the people who matter. It puts the control at your fingertips so if you want your Take That back catalogue to go to your nephews then that’s just what will happen! Your Will Be Done asks questions in plain English and constructs your legal will for you.

Tie up any loose ends

It’s not a DIY Will Pack.

Your Will Be Done writes your will for you without you needing to word everything perfectly. Based on your answers to simple questions, Your Will Be Done does the hard work for you.

Choose trusted people to carry out your wishes

It’s great for people who have just a little. Many people believe they don’t need a will because they don’t have very much or because they are in debt. However, the reverse is true and dying intestate (without a will) leaves your family with significant financial problems to take care of in addition to their grief. We’ve made Your Will Be Done as affordable as possible just to avoid these pitfalls. It costs just £19.97 for a single will (best for singles) and £29.97 (best for couples) to protect the ones you love for a whole lifetime. These are one-off payments with no recurring fees or update charges ever.

Try without paying.

No payment is required when you make your will. Payment is asked for only when you’re ready to print it for the first time. So you’ve nothing to lose by trying it out to see if it’s right for you.

It’s great for people who have a lot. We’ve made it easy for you to leave gifts and legacies to specific people, something that will packs and many online will writers don’t offer. So you can leave that white gold piece of jewellery to that niece who loves it in just a few clicks, whilst also ensuring that your £200,000 home is divided equally between your two sons.

Leave gifts and legacies to loved ones

It looks nice.

Complete your will in moments, see at a glance what changes you need to make then print your beautifully designed document that protects you and your loved ones for a whole lifetime.

Check your will's completeness and validity

We’ve made Your Will Be Done fresh and easy to use. That’s because we want to take the stigma away from making this legal document that people find so scary. We want young singles and young couples to make a will, along with senior citizens.

You can update your will any time for free no matter how much your circumstances change. When you do, remember to print your will and sign it. Your will is only legally valid when signed and dated and it must also be witnessed. The printed will shows you clearly where you and the witnesses should sign.

The final pdf outputted Will looks like this

Try it free, no credit card required.

Single Will or Mirror Will?

Here in the United Kingdom, when writing a will you can choose from two different types – a Single Will or a pair or Mirror Will’s. We’ve made it so you can switch between the two just in case your circumstances change.

If you have a partner and your wishes are similar then a Mirror Will is probably best for you. This is true whether you’re married or not. It’s actually two wills: one for you and one for your partner. A Single Will is the option for you if you don’t have a partner right now. The great news is, whichever option you choose to begin with, you can switch later – no need to re-write your whole will! For example, if you purchase a Single Will then get married, just log in and tell YWBD that you need a mirror will instead and off you go! You’ll need to pay only the difference in price to keep things fair for everybody. You can also switch back any time you like.

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