Choosing the right Will for you

The difference between a Single and Mirror Will
Single Will

A Single Will can be made by any person regardless of their marital or relationship status. It is simply a document created by an individual laying out their wishes, post-death, of how they would prefer their estate and assets to be distributed.

Single Wills are most suitable for those who are not in a relationship, or even for persons in a relationship who have contrasting wishes about how their assets ought to be distributed following their death.

If you are in a relationship, Married, Civil partners or cohabitees and you do have similar wishes on how your estate is to be divided following death a Mirror Will would be the most suitable option for you.

Please note our online Will Software is suitable for Scottish Wills. Residents in Scotland are able to make a Will from the age of 12. Residents in England and Wales are able to make a will at the age of 18. Our Wills are compliant with the laws of England, Wales and Scotland.

Mirror Will

A Mirror Will consists of two separate Wills, most commonly used by couples that share the same wishes in relation to how their estate and assets ought to be distributed.

Since the wording of the two Wills is likely to be so similar, Mirror Wills are in general, much more cost efficient than buying a Single Will for each party. Mirror Wills are commonly purchased by couples whether they are married, in a civil partnership or unmarried cohabitees.

Using a Single Will, or a set of Mirror Wills, you are able to establish the executors who will manage the distribution of your estate after your death, appoint guardians for children and set out who should inherit sums of money or specific possessions. You can also express any of your wishes in relation to funeral arrangements.